Holistic Therapy

Do you need support with:

• creating more fulfilling relationships?
• navigating a difficult life phase or transition?
• breaking unhealthy cycles or patterns in your life?
• achieving the next level of success on your career path?
• addressing root causes of chronic stress related ailments?

Hi, I’m Dr. Catherine Smith. I assist bright, ambitious people from all walks of life overcome anxiety, depression & complex trauma related to longterm stressors like childhood emotional neglect, narcissistic abuse &/or systemic marginalization (ie racism, homophobia, NT ableism, etc.).

My holistic approach combines psychodynamic (relational), somatic (focused on the nervous system) & depth psychology (insight oriented) practices to promote lasting, meaningful healing for mind, body & spirit.

In my experience, once root causes of emotional pain, nervous system dysregulation & survival strategies (involving disconnection from Self) are addressed, overall mental health improves. Then, desired changes in thinking, behavior and physiological health naturally follow.

My practice is culturally inclusive, anti-racist, body-positive, sex-positive, lgbtqia+ affirming, ND (neurodivergent) friendly & social justice oriented. Lived experience is validated & cultural humility is actively practiced: you are the expert on your life; what I offer is a safe container for exploration, curiosity, understanding & supporting new challenges.

In our work together, I will apply my training to help you find your truth, love yourself more & reconnect with your own innate joy, hope, strength, resiliency & personal power. Many of my clients find they are able to identify & resolve relationship patterns that no longer serve them, leading to happier, more comfortable experiences in life.

Thank you for visiting my site! Please look around & don’t hesitate to reach out. I am here to help & I’d be happy to hear from you.